Pennsylvania Council of Deliberation

Orient of Pennsylvania

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Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Prince Hall Affiliation
Northern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., Inc.

S.G.I.G. George M. Calloway, 33°

Ill. Deputy for the Orient of Pennsylvania


ILL. First Lieutenant Commander G.I.G. Sean Snead, 33°
ILL. Second Lieutenant Commander G.I.G. Rev. Ronald R. Tucker, 33°
ILL. Grand Minister of State and Grand Orator G.I.G. Lavon A. Postelle, 33°
ILL. Grand Prior G.I.G. Rev. Linwood Parsons, 33°
ILL. Grand Treasurer S.G.I.G. Otis L. Hightower, Jr., 33°
ILL. Grand Secretary S.G.I.G. Willie W. McCoy, 33°
ILL. Grand Recording Secretary G.I.G. Edward M. Brooks, 33°
ILL. Grand Engineer and Architect G.I.G. James W. Smith, 33°
ILL. Grand Hospitaler G.I.G. Edward L. Miles, 33°
ILL. Grand Master of Ceremonies S.G.I.G. James A. Wells, Jr., 33°
ILL. Grand Captain of The Guard  G.I.G. James A. Duckett, 33°
ILL. Grand Sentinel G.I.G. Timothy J. Cager, 33°